The Night Before – Movie Drinking Game Rules

Whenever you see Seth Rogen in a film you know it’s going to be a good laugh. You also know it’s probably going to make you want to get smashed. Seth Rogen movies and drinking games are a natural pairing, and 2015’s “The Night Before” is no different.

Three friends finally get their hands on tickets to the ultimate Christmas party, making this film perfect to be a Christmas movie drinking game. Laugh and drink as the trio’s drunken (and high) antics entertain you in one of the funniest Christmas movies we’ve seen.

The Night Before Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip when:

  • The Nutcracker Ball tickets are on screen
  • Someone says a brand name (It’s usually Red Bull)
  • Anyone says the name “Diana”
  • There’s a religious reference
  • Mr Green appears
  • Isaac (Seth Rogen) shouts aggressively
  • Deep conversation takes place

Finish drink when:

  • Throwing up in the church

Hardcore Rules:

To add a hardcore element to your night, drink to these two things as well as the previously mentioned rules.

  • Someone says “weed”
  • A drug is consumed

If there’s too many “Diana’s” or Isaac shouting his head off in one scene for you to comfortably keep up, Gimli Logic is what you should use.

If you enjoyed playing this game, why not play to a horror film next time, like IT, or go hero-mode with a James Bond.

Please drink responsibly and don’t allow this movie drinking game to make you feel sick or ill. If you’re getting too drunk, stop playing.

Image credits: Sony Pictures

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