Neighbors Drinking Game

Neighbors, also known as Bad Neighbors, is a party-comedy movie starring Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Dave Franco, and more heavyweights, and is a classic drinking game movie. Putting a new family together against a frat house leads to all-out chaos, with both sides gunning for the other’s in an attempt to move them out of the neighborhood. It has fights, drinking, drugs, and all the other ingredients for a perfect party movie and great drinking game – much like Blue Mountain State.

Grab a drink and laugh as Efron and Rogen determine who Batman is, headlines are made, and memories created with the Neighbors drinking game.

Neighbors Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink when:

  • A character drinks alcohol or does drugs
  • Anybody says “Delta Psi”
  • Mac and Kelly’s age is mentioned (when they’re called old people, old guys, old couple, etc)
  • A front door is opened or closed
  • Mac and Kelly interact with Stella

Finish your drink for:

  • The sad montage about assjuice

Bad Neighbors Drinking Game Hardcore Rules

To play the hardcore drinking game for Neighbors follow the two rules below on top of the normal rules:

  • Scoonie’s dick is referenced
  • Each time you hear a new song anywhere in the movie

Whenever the fraternity chant the phrase Delta Psi, employ Gimli Logic. Only drink for single uses.

Do not drink irresponsibly. If you feel yourself becoming ill or reaching your limits at any point in the drinking game, stop playing.

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Image Credits: Screenshot from Universal Pictures

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