Johnny English Drinking Game Rules

The Johnny English movie series is one of the greatest comedy series’ we’ve set our eyes on. Maybe it helps that we’re British, but there are sure to be laughs wherever you’re from with a movie centred around Rowan Atkinson as a hapless spy. Something we love almost as much as hilarious movies is drinking to them, and our movie drinking game to Mr English’s shenanigans is sure to bring even more fun to your night while watching this movie.

Johnny English Drinking Game Rules

Take a sip when:

  • Johnny English looks like a fool/makes a mistake
  • Anyone draws a gun
  • A vehicle makes a sharp turn
  • Johnny English bullshits about something
  • The full name “Pascal Sauvage” is said

Finish your drink when:

  • Johnny English collapses into a woman’s breasts
  • Johnny English is crowned

Hardcore Rules

If you want to add a hardcore element to your game, up the ante by playing along to our hardcore version. To do this, follow the usual rules but do this as well:

  • Chug when English is pointing a gun at civilians

How long you want to chug for is up to you. This way, you can alter the rule to make you more drunk if you’re not feeling much, or choose to just take a sip if the game has got you drunk enough already.

Talking of being drunk enough, if you don’t want to drink to each and every one of English’s mistakes, you can use our favorite rule which we call Gimli Logic. This is a great way to ensure you don’t get too tipsy when playing.

If you enjoyed playing this game, why not drink along to the most massive game of dares you’ve ever seen in the form of Nerve, or satiate your festive appetite with a comedic Christmas film, like The Night Before.

Please drink responsibly and don’t allow this movie drinking game to make you feel sick or ill. If you’re getting too drunk, stop playing.

Image credits: Universal Pictures

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