Fun with Dick and Jane Drinking Game

Fun with Dick and Jane is a comedy based on the Harper family, who go from living the American Dream to robbing everything from Slushies and plants to cash. Jim Carrey does this movie a great service with his funny-as-ever character, and the whole project makes for a hilarious movie to play a drinking game to.

Drink to the corporate elements, homeless-like elements, and everything in between in this movie that you can revisit year after year and still howl with laughter at.

Fun with Dick and Jane Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink when:

  • You see someone walking with a briefcase
  • Anybody speaks Spanish
  • You hear someone say Harper
  • Jack’s incredible wealth is shown on screen – his money, possessions, etc
  • Each time a robbery is committed
  • Every time something goes wrong in the final heist

Finish your drink for:

  • “He only had half a beer” at the Gentleman’s club

Fun with Dick and Jane Hardcore Rules

If you want to take this drinking game to the next level, follow these hardcore rules on top of the usual rules.

  • Drink for each piece of foliage stolen in Dick’s lawn-retrieving montage
  • Exterior shot of Dick and Jane’s house

For some of the scenes you may want to apply Gimli Logic in regards to people walking with a briefcase rule, as there are lots of different shots of this.

For a similarly hilarious movie, try our drinking game rules for Johnny English.

Do not drink irresponsibly and if you feel yourself becoming sick or reaching your limit, stop playing.

Image credits: Screenshot from Sony Pictures

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