El Camino Christmas Drinking Game

As Christmas edges ever closer, our appetite for Christmas movie drinking games gets larger and larger, and the movie El Camino Christmas was able to satiate that, despite its weirdness. You can watch it on Netflix, and it takes place in a small, simple town in Nevada, allowing for all kinds of comedic sketches to take place involving the stereotype of someone from small-town America.

Much like Better Watch Out, El Camino Christmas takes on a whole different form to most Christmas movies, but we enjoyed the different style nonetheless and laughed a lot. Take it as a different approach to Christmas movies, and you’ll have a blast watching and drinking to this one. Here are our El Camino Christmas drinking game rules.

El Camino Christmas Drinking Game Rules:

Take a drink when:

  • You hear a Christmas song
  • Anyone drinks alcohol
  • The word “Christmas” is said
  • The Police are useless, embarrassing, or stupid
  • Somebody is singing

Finish your drink when:

  • The Police are “Taking” and “Returning” fire

El Camino Christmas Hardcore Rules:

Add a hardcore element to this movie drinking game by applying the following rule on top of the standard ruleset.

Drink when:

  • You see somebody driving

If the police’s antics are causing you to drink too much, apply Gimli Logic to prevent getting too drunk.

Please drink responsibly and don’t allow this movie drinking game to make you feel sick or ill. If you’re getting too drunk, stop playing.

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