Bright Drinking Game

Bright (2017) is a Netflix original which imagines a fantasy world in which Humans, Orcs, and Elves co-exist – though at differing levels of the social hierarchy. The movie stars Will Smith as one of the primary cops, and is a different kind of fantasy film. Despite negative reviews, we enjoyed Bright as a different kind of fantasy, and believe it makes for a fun drinking game.

Play our Bright drinking game and watch as cops, gangsters, good elves, bad elves, and every race in between wrestle to secure possession of a coveted magic wand in a unique fantasy world.

Bright Drinking Game Rules

Take a drink when:

  • There’s a shot of the LA skyline
  • There’s a shot of the two main police officers talking in a car
  • Any cop is getting shot at
  • Someone mentions the “Dark Lord”
  • There’s a different language spoken other than English

Finish your drink for:

  • The resurrection

Bright Netflix Original Hardcore Rules

You can play the hardcore rules of this drinking game by drinking to the rules below as well as the normal rules.

  • Any Human is derogatory toward an Orc
  • Each time the police and Tikka go into a new dark alley

  • Don’t drink irresponsibly. If you feel yourself becoming ill or sick at any point and have reached your limit, stop playing.

    Image credits: Netflix

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