How did originate?

We ❲being my brother and I, the crazy movie/drinking enthusiasts behind this booze cruise to a brighter, though slightly hungover, tomorrow❳ started Movie Drinking Games while playing such a game as we now make for you guys. It was a day of great festivity; I had just finished my exams after three gruelling months of revision, and the warm weather had opened my brothers mind to the prospects of an impromptu day sesh. Naturally, after many moons of hard work, one finds one’s thoughts drifting towards cold beers and an escape to a fantasy world. And so the decision was made that we’d crack upon our lukewarm crate of beers, find a drinking game for a favorite movie of ours, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, and let the frivolity begin.

We began the hunt for a perfect set of movie drinking game rules, and quickly stumbled upon several lists where we didn’t believe proper due diligence had been carried out to keep us drinking until the end. After much deliberation, we settled on a set of rules which had, though unbeknownst to us at the time, a rule of such evil and intense frequency that it would be our undoing. But we were blissfully unaware of this at the time, and began to roll forward operating under these drinking game rules.

Not even five minutes of the film had elapsed and we were both required to grab another can. “This is going to be a long film”, I said to my brother in a thick, rugged voice that wouldn’t be amiss on a battlefield. A grimace began to form on both of our faces as we saw yet another close up of the ring on screen, one of the triggers to drink in this set of game rules. They were coming so quick and fast. Cans piled up by the sofa. Each time a rule wandered onto the screen it was greeted with adversity and disgust by us. We needed a respite from this madness. When people now ask me what I imagine hell to resemble, I tell them it’s a living room, where lukewarm beer and ambitious drinking games replace the grass and the air of the real world.

Finally, enough was enough. Too many sips of beer had been consumed by us, and a desperate man is an ingenuitive one. From his beer-dominated mind, my brother had a flash of brilliance we still thank to this day. Through slurred speech I picked up the words, “We should treat this like Gimli would”. Thankfully, more context was added to this broken train of thought, as through the foggy barrier of brew, he yelled at me, “THAT STILL ONLY COUNTS AS ONE” as close up shots of the ring had been barraged at us in quick succession. Gimli. Our savior, our hero, had picked us up from this intense slog and breathed life into us.

After establishing this rule, which we later dubbed “Gimli Logic” in a more sober state, the movie was much more pleasurable to drink to. The drinking game even became, believe it or not, fun, and by the end our minds were not as clogged up as they were midway through the movie. As we edged out of the drinking game world and back into normality, one remanent from our drunken antics followed us. An idea, thrown haphazardly to me by my Brother, stuck in our minds. “We should make our own movie drinking game website.”

And thus Movie Drinking Games was born. An idea born out of booze and glee, the very qualities we’d like to pass down to you. So now you know our tale of origin, and we can assure you that we watch each movie that we post on here down to the finest detail, so our games should not intoxicate you to an irresponsible level, nor leave you hanging dry for a long portion of the film. As we were not just once like you, we still are like you.