Better Watch Out Drinking Game

Christmas is around the corner which means we at MDG are feeling some Christmas movie drinking games to get our festivity juices flowing. Better Watch Out is a super original twist on your average, happy-families Christmas movie, and we loved every minute of the comedic Christmas horror film (is that a thing?). There are twists and turns at every corner in Better Watch Out, all neatly wrapped up in a Holiday theme and dusted with snow to give you the most innovative Christmas movie in a long while.

So grab your beer or eggnog, some buddies, and check out this fantastically fresh Christmas movie and our accompanying drinking game rules.

Better Watch Out Drinking Game

Take a drink when:

  • Someone drinks alcohol
  • There’s a spider on the screen
  • Anyone says $hit
  • Someone closes a door in the house
  • Garrett and Luke argue
  • A Christmas song is playing

Finish your drink when:

  • Jeremy does his awesome psych up in the car (YEAH WE COOL!)

Better Watch Out Hardcore Rules

If you want to take this drinking game to the next level, then apply the hardcore rule to the normal game, too.

  • Anyone says F*ck

If you’ve not had your fill of festive cheer just yet, try our drinking game to The Night Before.

Please drink responsibly and don’t allow this movie drinking game to make you feel sick or ill. If you’re getting too drunk, stop playing.

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