Bad Moms Drinking Game

Bad Moms takes every stressed-out mother’s fantasy of living recklessly and throwing all the rules out of the window and makes it a reality with a trio of moms from different avenues united in their frustration at monotony. The movie stars Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn and is a party movie, which we know make the best drinking games, just like our some of our favorites such as Good Kids, The Inbetweeners 2 Movie, and Blue Mountain State.

Drink along as our rebellious trio unleash years of pent-up energy and freedom over their usually-quiet school, laugh during drunk speeches, and share in the cringe of some awful mom pick-up lines with the Bad Moms Drinking Game.

Bad Moms Drinking Game

Take a drink:

  • Whenever anyone drinks alcohol
  • Each time Amy is driving a car
  • When any kid is ungrateful to their mom
  • Whenever Gwendolyn is controlling
  • Each time you see an exterior shot of Amy’s house

Finish your drink for:

  • Amy’s drunk PTA speech at her party

Bad Moms Hardcore Rules

To play the hardcore rules follow this rule along with the usual ones. Only one hardcore rules for this movie drinking game, and it’ll have you drinking constantly through one scene, so play with caution!

  • Drink for each awful mom chat-up line Amy uses in the bar

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Do not drink irresponsibly. If you feel ill during the game or are reaching your limits, stop playing.

Image credits: Screenshot via Universal Pictures

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