Accepted Drinking Game

When a movie has Jonah Hill in it, you know it’s going to be hilarious. Accepted is a brilliant movie that finds a home for those people who have always only found rejection. Bartleby has been rejected from every college he has applied to and makes an institution where he and his peers can be accepted – a new college. Named South Harmon, this college is a hub for partying, creativity, and freedom, and the story that follows Bartleby makes for a great drinking game. You can find this movie on Netflix.

Laugh at Jonah Hill finding himself in the sort of situations you’d expect a character of his, howl as the not-so-academic students of South Harmon try and find their passions, and drink along to a heroic quest for these students to find their place with the Accepted drinking game.

Accepted Drinking Game

Take a drink when:

  • Anybody says “Bartleby”
  • Schrader is sarcastic
  • Glenn (the guy with the afro and sports band) is stupid
  • Schrader embarrasses himself – awkward moments, stupid costumes, etc
  • Uncle Ben/the fake Dean rants about something

Finish your drink for:

  • “Floyd Pambrose”

Accepted Movie Hardcore Rules

To really take the Accepted drinking game up a notch, play the hardcore rules by follow these two rules as well as the regular ones.

  • Drink when someone completes or attempts a handshake/high five
  • Drink each time Bartleby is clumsy

Do not drink irresponsibly. If you feel yourself becoming ill or reaching your limits at any point in this drinking game, stop playing.

Image credits: Screenshot from Universal Pictures

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